In Fall 2001, the Zangger Committee decided to launch an outreach programme between the Zangger Committee and third countries. The outreach programme has three objectives:


  1. To build a strong and sustainable relationship between the Zangger Committee and third countries.
  2. To increase the transparency of the activities of the Zangger Committee, by explaining its role, purpose and functions, in particular its role as technical interpreter of article III.2 of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT).
  3. To provide opportunities for open dialogue on issues of common interest and concern on non-proliferation and nuclear export controls.


In conducting this exercise, the Zangger Committee wishes to underline that:


  1. The outreach programme reflects the fact that the Zangger Committee is a technical body with a remit to interpret article III.2 of the NPT and as such outreach will not be a political dialogue.
  2. The programme is restricted to States parties to the NPT.
  3. The programme is informal.

Subjects for discussion include:

  • The role and purpose of the Zangger Committee
  • The trigger list and its clarification
  • Conditions of supply
  • Membership of the Zangger Committee
  • The Zangger Committee and NPT conferences